Application of Barley grass and benefits

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The Barley grass has a wealth of nutrients and a high nutrient density of inestimable value, which are for the human organisms.

Scientific studies have shown that barley grass can have curative effect on chronic bowel disease and protective properties in breast and skin cancer.

Also, eating barley grass is good in order to prevent blood clots which are largely responsible for a Stroke and heart attack.


What is barley grass?

The barley (lat. Hordeum vulgare) is a one-year licorice, whose fruits as a stye are known and used primarily as brewing grain.

The young leaves of barley plant are known as barley grass. It is of good use as a dietary supplement as the young leaves are processed in freeze-dried and thereafter, to powder.


Why is barley grass so valuable?

Barley grass is often called the best food on Earth, according to chaktty. This predicate was confirmed by numerous studies which showed that grass is a different food that has more nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.

Already, in some decades ago, a Korean scientist, Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara compared more than 200 leaf vegetables together and stated that no leafy vegetables has more ingredients in a such balance as the barley grass.

The balance of individual active ingredients demonstrably influenced the effect on the human organism.


Applications of barley grass


Barley grass is an alkaline food that has a balancing effect on the acid-base balance with regular use and prevents acidification.

Acidity is noticeable as heartburn and general discomfort set in which can be caused by a diet rich in meat, coffee, smoking, and alcohol consumption.


Infection and inflammation:

The anti-inflammatory effect of barley grass is due to the antioxidants that it contains in great quantities.

These protect the cells from free radicals and environmental toxins and therefore support the immune system.

In this way, barley can reduce the risk of infections, inflammatory processes, and even cancer, healthpally.


Chronic bowel disease, ulcerative colitis: Barley grass can be found useful because of its anti-inflammatory effect as a supporting application in the allopathic treatment of ulcerative colitis, a chronic bowel disease.

Often, the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease are diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating and intestinal bleeding.

Scientists of nutrient food and feed Division in Tokyo conducted trials in 18 patients with chronic intestinal inflammation.

Nine patients received standard anti-inflammatory drugs. The other nine patients received barley grass extract, each patient got 30 grams during the four weeks of the test.

The patient group that received the barley extract reported a significant improvement in symptoms at the end of the study. They have suffered less diarrhea and pain compared to the other group.

Medical investigations of the barley grass test group also showed that, after the capture of the barley grass extract, the good intestinal bacteria have increased.

The head of the study, Dr. chaktty at Healthpally, therefore believes that barley grass has the potential as adjuvant therapy in ulcerative colitis.

In addition, barley grass has more positive effects on the intestine. According to the study, the application of the extract enables the intestinal flora and thereby reducing Poisons (toxins) in the gut.

Furthermore, the barley grass reduces the substance that causes inflammation in the gut, known as squamous cell NF-k in medicine.

In addition, the water balance in the intestine is regulated, which has an impact on the incidence of diarrhea.

With the application of barley grass extract, it thus reduces the number of diarrhea incidence.

The inflammatory intestinal mucosa is benefiting from a special protein that is contained in the barley grass.

This is to help the cell structure in the location of the intestinal mucosa and to relieve one from the inflammation.

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