How Can I Encourage My Sales Reps to Use a CRM?

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CRM or Customer Relationship Management system is a remarkable platform for any company. They have the power to make organizations more productive and efficient. However, it is also true that no matter how good a product is, it will not be able to make a way in the market unless a buyer clearly envisions how they will benefit from it. Thus, pushback for CRM platforms is very common among the sales team.
There is a strong misconception among the sales team that Customer Relationship Management software is a waste of time and that they could utilize this time for some other important work like attending client meetings, following up on leads, etc. Something they miss is that CRM makes their jobs easier, helping in performance improvement. With some effort, it is possible to make the sales team adopt to the CRM software because the last thing a company wants is their investment in CRM platform being unused.

Showing the Benefits

The question that arises in everyone’s mind before adopting a new system or technology is “what is in it for us?”. This is also the case with the sales team.

The best CRM for small business usually provides the following benefits:

⦁ Automates Reporting:

CRM makes reporting easy and efficient. It eliminates the requirement of manually creating spreadsheets which is a lot of work according to the sales teams.

⦁ Centralized Customer Data:

Centralizing the data will make contacting the customers easier and faster. This will potentially increase the sales and improve customer relationships.

⦁ Sets up Reminders:

The Customer Relationship Management platform helps with following up on leads, by setting up reminders.

⦁ More Time for Customer Interaction:

It manages and automates repetitive tasks and data organization which makes it easier for sales personnel to focus more on customer engagement.

Choosing the Right Customer Relationship Management Platform

The right CRM software should align with the working habits of the sales team. Overwhelming the team with unnecessary features would only make it difficult for them to handle the software. The best way to choose the best CRM for small business is by involving the team and discussing their needs. This will not only aid in picking the right CRM, but also it will create excitement amongst the team about the Customer Relationship Management system.

Allow the team to analyze the options with free demos and then let them make their choice of the preferred software. The input received with this will act as an eye-opener in taking the CRM initiative to success.
Another point to keep in mind here is to choose that software which also offers mobile applications because people involved in sales usually do not like being stuck to their desks.

Using a Reward System

Introducing a reward system will result in less pushback from employees. Rewards can be in the form of bonuses, goodies, or maybe extra approved leaves etc. In many cases, increased incentives give a higher tendency for acceptance of a change like the adoption of the CRM software.
Another option is also to set goals with the software and then offer gift cards to the employees who fulfil them. This will also increase the productivity of the workforce besides promoting the CRM software. These milestones could be:

⦁ Maximum lead generation with CRM.

⦁ Most active employee on CRM chat feature.

⦁ Sending maximum follow up texts with the CRM.

⦁ Email Marketing with some fixed no. of automated email templates.

Providing Proper Training

Without proper training, CRM adoption will go down the hill. If the team will not know how to use this tool to their advantage, it will not only be frustrating but also decrease the productivity and efficiency of the employees.
Training is not something that is given through a single meeting by just walking the employees through software and then finally leaving them hanging. It should be done in the right manner by conducting daily or weekly sessions based on the requirements of the employees, to the point they are fully comfortable with the software and see it as an asset rather than a liability. It is also important to have a support person to whom the sales team can turn to for any queries regarding the software, if they feel stuck at any point while implementing.


Change can be difficult to adjust to, especially if the people are not very comfortable with technology. Conventional methods seem easy over adopting newer technologies and in the beginning this seems like a big task. However, for the maximum benefit of the business, it is important for the sales team to become familiar with the CRM platform. By adopting the right steps, this can become an easy task for the team to use the CRM software and reach higher peaks of success.

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