“How to Make Health as Fierce as RuPaul”

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She’s fierce! She’s fabulous! She’s the queen of drag! And now RuPaul wants to help you create your own health kingdom, whether you already have one or are just getting started. With RuPaul’s Fierce Fitness book, out now from Dutton, the star has created a fun and easy-to-follow guide that helps you create an exercise plan tailored to your goals, whether it’s dropping weight or building muscle.

“Positive Affirmations”

I am healthy. I am whole. I am perfect just as I am. I love my body and appreciate it for taking care of me. I fuel my body with nutritious foods that make me feel good. I move my body in ways that feel good to me. I take care of myself so that I can be the best version of myself.

“RuPaul’s 4 tips for Staying true to  yourself”

  1. You’re born naked, and the rest is drag. Embrace your authentic self—flaws and all. 2. If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? Accepting yourself is the first step to self-love. 3. We’re all born stars, but some of us forget how to shine. Don’t let anyone dim your light—you deserve to shine bright. 4. I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The topic of most of my work is me. Be your own biggest fan and advocate—you know yourself best!

“Don’t take existence too seriously”

RuPaul (full name RuPaul Andre Charles) says that this piece of advice is the maximum critical he is ever been given, and he follows the lifestyles lesson to this very day. Our time on our little green and blue planet is small – and for about one third of it we’re slumbering – so it’s critical to keep in mind this and learn to revel in our lives, whatever our emotional or financial scenario.

By mastering to laugh at life’s americaand downs, you can loosen the existential dread that often washes over us and grips us with fear. Let it all move, snort out loud, and stay in the gift second. If you battle with being in the now, here are a few mindfulness pointers to help pin this down.

“We’re all born bare and the rest is drag”

A key RuPaul catchphrase, the entertainer has been telling us for many years that we’re all born bare and the rest is drag, however we’re no longer literally talking hip pads and wigs right here. This existence lesson is a sturdy reminder of identity, and that drag is something guise we select to adopt visually, whether that’s to stand out from the group or to healthy in with it.

Maybe you’re a London banker donning a €2,000 sharp in shape to look the element at work, a Herschel bag-sporting hipster, or a punk with a mohawk and Doc Martens. What we put on is a expression of our character, but beneath all of the façade, we’re all of the identical: beautiful flesh and bones on our own particular religious journey: basically, we are one!  ●

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