On site interpretation services are crucial for bilingual communication. 

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Onsite interpretation services carry the burden of representing the whole business, brand, person, country, and profession.

A Brief Introductory Guide to Interpretation Services and Key Types

No matter how much people say that English is a universal language, that is technically correct but interestingly the situation changes when we put it in perspective of some specific language services. In fact, only 20% of people worldwide speak English (Statista). However, not all 20% are proficient English speakers. Additionally, if we single out the demographics of any country, we will find out that there are many languages spoken in each country.

Amid the diverse linguistic spectrum, bilateral and trilateral communications require expert interpretations. Additionally, for maintaining effective communication with multilingual audiences, on site interpretation services are essential. Furthermore, there are different types of interpretation services. In this short read, we will cover key types to assist businesses and brands in establishing new partnerships and enable them to communicate with multilingual teams more efficiently.

What are Interpretation Services?

Interpretation refers to the act of translating spoken communication from the source language to the target language. Including a full speech, part of a speech, and a short message. Interpreters are well-versed in language skills, emotional intelligence, and facilitating communication across multilinguistic settings.

After the nerve-wracking global pandemic outspread, translation services also adapted to new conditions and challenges of defying the distance sprout. Virtual interpretations have almost replaced the on site interpretation services more or less.

Two Key Types of Interpretation Services

Below we briefly mentioned two key types of interpretation services for you to choose from according to your requirements. Furthermore, we have described other types of interpretation services in depth.

Onsite Interpretation Services

In the physical setting, onsite interpretation services require the physical presence of a speaker, listener, and interpreter. The reason they are together in the same location is none other than that they are unable to understand each other and require the assistance of on site interpretation services to understand each other. Moreover, businesses use on-site interpretation services for legal, medical, political, congregational, and tourism-related settings.  A fitting example is when all the world leaders are present in the United Nations having diverse linguistic backgrounds, interpretation services play a key role in facilitating the essential communication exchange.

Virtual Interpretation Services

In the global village of today’s digital world, everything becomes virtual, from the 2021 Beeple’s NFT to the most valuable documents, everything becomes digital. The pandemic has also exponentially caused a humongous spike in the demand for virtual interpretation services (remote interpretation).

Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI)

In over-the-phone interpretation service, three parties are connected on the call, and the interpreting translation services facilitate the communication exchange as consecutive interpreting. This option is usually used in emergency situations or where it is not possible to physically gather at the same place. OPI services are comparatively less costly because it cuts the cost of accommodation, traveling time, and other responsibilities that come with on site interpretation services.

Video Interpreting (VI)

As obvious with the name, video interpretation services refer to the method of providing interpretation services through video calls, webinars, and video sessions. The key difference between OPI and VI services is that in video interpretation services, expressions, gestures, and body language are also key factors of communication. Furthermore, people with hearing difficulties should prioritize video interpretation services over other types of distance interpretation services.

Key Types of Interpreting Services

Simultaneous Interpreting (SI)

This type of interpretation translation services requires high skill and proficiency in the subject matter and linguistic skills. In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter works at the same time while the speech or talk is happening. The important aspect is that simultaneous interpretation can have a maximum delay of a few seconds. It is also called the live interpretation services. The interpreters have to maintain the flow of the speech. The translator has a few seconds to listen, understand, and deliver the message without disturbing the natural flow of speech and dialogue. Simultaneous interpretations are mainly used for lectures, multilingual business, corporate, or political meetings, community gatherings, and congregations.

Consecutive Interpreting (CI)

This interpretation is similar to SI but there are key differences. In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter has to deliver the translated speech after hearing a few sentences. It is not a sentence-to-sentence interpretation. The main motive is to communicate the main essence of the talk, discussion, or sermon to the audience.

Travel Interpreting

Countries are now facilitating the travel and tourism industry. Most of the time the tourists are not familiar with the language of their visiting region. Travel interpreters accompanied them and provided them with oral interpretation services whenever needed.


Interpretation services play a very crucial role in facilitating the essential bilateral or trilateral communication exchange. Furthermore, they represent your brand or business and handle high-stakes communications. Moreover, it is a prerequisite to choose the interpretation services wisely and take your time to explore your options.  It is recommended to have a detailed session with your interpreter to provide him or her with important background data and information. All in all, it is crucial to acquire the right kind of interpretation services to ensure a smooth communication exchange.

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