SecureKin Review: Best Parental Control App for Digital Parenting

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Modern inventions and technology have made life so much easier and trouble-free. Thanks to tools like monitoring apps, parents can feel at ease as digital printing comes with so many complications and issues. It is simpler now to track the exact location of the kid with a parental control app. SecureKin is one of the best apps that offers a complete package containing all the essential features the parents require. It is economical, has a friendly user interface, and offers multiple versions, so compatibility is not an issue. Here is what the SecureKin app has in store for you.

Real-time location

The ability to know about the real-time location of the target is very significant. Especially when it comes to today’s teenagers, who often forget to respond to a text or let their parents know about the schedule. The GPS location tracking feature lets the parents know about their kid’s real-time location with just a few clicks. The best part is the kid will never know that you are tracking them with some monitoring tool. Get the app and ensure your child is where they should be. Unlike the kids, the best part is that the app never lies, so the data is accurate.

Location History:

The SecureKin app not only offers real-time location but also saves the history of the kid’s movement as well. Using both features to ensure the kids are safe and secure is best. The app contains information about all the secret hangout places of the kids and how frequently they visit such places. In case of any emergency or unforeseen situation, parents will be easily able to track the pinpoint location of the kid or know where to look for the kid.

Browsing History:

Have alerts about the browsing history of the kids with the help of the SecureKin browsing history feature. The feature will let you know if your kid is streaming unethical or adult stuff on video streaming sites or visiting unusual age-appropriate websites alone. The alerts about the website history make it possible for the parents to track the loopholes through which the kids can get exposed to unwanted content.

Web Filtering

Parents can also block unwanted stuff by strictly monitoring their kids’ browsing history. It is possible by using the web filtering feature of the app. Blcok all the useless content and ensure the online world is safe for young minds.

Activity Report:

Get complete reports with information about the activity, date, and time with the activity report feature. This feature can be extremely helpful in tracking what the kids are up to with their gadgets and all.

App Block:

Blcok the unwanted apps with just a click with the app block feature. Delete and block all the unwanted apps from the kids list and leave only the educational ones or those that are positive for the mindset of the kids.
The keystroke logging feature saves the keypad records. So get the feature and jump into the chat history, search bar history, crack the codes and passwords, and discover how many secret Instagram or Facebook accounts kids have. It is one of the useful features offered by the app as practically everything associated with the kid’s cell phone is in the remote control of the parents.

Pros :

The app is a complete package of parental control features as it offers all the essential features. Parents can keep an eye on their kids’ lives through cell phones and take necessary and immediate action when required. The app is best suited even for non-tech-savvy parents as it has a friendly and simple user interface and is easy to use. The installation process is also very simple, and it does not take more than 5-7 minutes to install the app. The app is economical and has so many options to choose from for the parents. They can try the app for even a month and enjoy all its basic and advanced features without paying any additional charges or worrying about hidden charges.


Certain advanced features may be difficult to understand or use for some parents in the initial stage.
Choose the bundle and install the app on the Android or iPhone of your kid.


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