The 10 Cheapest Flowers For Your Wedding

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The flowers bring freshness, serenity, and joy in any space. Today we have prepared the top 10 cheap but precious flowers for your wedding. We make it easy for you. From the most classic to more exotic. Choose the one that best suits your style and if you need any type of international flower delivery service then abcflora is the best place for you. It is not necessary to make great economic efforts to achieve an exquisite and elegant result. Take note! 

Choosing the flowers, arrangements, colors and decoration style of your wedding is not a simple task. And much less at a price that fits the budget you have for the wedding. To this, add the rest of the ornaments, gifts and other details. The best thing to save money is to compare in different places until you find what you think is reasonable. But as time is short we want to make it easy for you, we have prepared a top 10 with cheap but beautiful flowers for your wedding. Aim!

To obtain an elegant, tasteful and original result, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money in expensive flowers. The harmony and style you want for the celebration of your wedding can be achieved with simple decorative elements. You don’t need anything ostentatious or make great efforts. Less is more always.


Top 10 cheap but beautiful flowers for your wedding

  1. Gerbera. It is one of the best known and used. Originally from South Africa, this plant varies greatly in shape, size, and colors: white, yellow, orange, red, pink … Its center is sometimes black and in many cases, the flower itself houses petals in different shades.


  1. Paniculata. Another flower widely used for being quite economical. Its plant measures between 90 and 120 centimeters and is composed of an abundant amount of corsages that stand out for being very thin, fragile and simple to leave. Its flower is very exotic and white. It is known by the name “wedding veil “because it is very suitable for decorating centerpieces or include them as a complement to other flowers in the bridal bouquet.


  1. Small chrysanthemum. Of Asian origin but already spread throughout many parts of the world, this plant is characterized by its strength and strength. You do not need great care. Its flowers house a large assortment of colors and shape ideal to combine with others or even with original containers for centerpieces. They are a symbol of honesty, wisdom, and joy.


  1. Lisianthus. Also of oriental origin, it began to be used for ornamentation during the 90s. Its flowers are characterized by bell-shaped. It is an exotic flat and very suitable for a wedding celebration.


  1. Astromelia. Plant with curled leaves and fantastic flowers. It symbolizes friendship. It is an ideal flower to decorate the ceremony. It is quite economical.


  1. Rosa. We all know her. Its smell, its colors … From the Rosaceae family, this plant is characterized by its aroma and reddish colors. It is a classic that never fails. It is not the cheapest but they are very versatile and suitable for the decoration of ceremonies.


  1. Margarita. It has different types such as chamomile. If you want a hippie and casual invitation, these are the flowers for your wedding. They bring joy, freshness … and a very country style. They are also very economical.


  1. Sunflower. It is not very common as ornaments for ceremonies but, if not abused, it can give a very original and different touch.


  1. Tulip. It contains approximately 150 species. Its name comes from Arabic and means turban, a term coined by the way this plant blooms. Its main feature is its wide range of colors. It is one of the most used at weddings for the bridal bouquet.


  1. Carnation. A classic. Although not usually used in wedding celebrations, it is one of the cheapest flowers and you can give a different touch to the decoration.


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