The Best PSP Fighting Games for Android 

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The PlayStation Portable was home to some fantastic fighting games during its heyday. Hard-hitting 3D fighters, flashy anime-inspired brawlers, and classic 2D punch-outs made the most of the PSP’s powerful portable hardware. Thanks to emulation, we can now experience these thrilling PSP fighters on our Android devices. Let’s countdown the 10 best PSP fighting games available for Android!

Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX

Street Fighter Alpha 3 first arrived in arcades in 1998, featuring classic World Warriors like Ryu and Chun-Li along with new faces like Alex and Karin. This PSP version, dubbed Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX, makes the 2D fighter truly portable while adding features. The massive character roster, gorgeous anime-inspired graphics, and tight combo controls make it a must-play for Street Fighter fans on mobile. Unleash Shoryukens untethered!

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

The weapons-based 3D fighting series Soulcalibur made its PSP debut with Broken Destiny. Fan favorites like Nightmare, Mitsurugi, and Siegfried slash it out with deadly weapons and 8-way movement. Newcomer Dampierre is a blast to play as. And single-player modes like Weapon Master help you hone skills before out-dueling friends. For on-the-go 3D fighting action, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny edges out the competition on Android.

Tekken 6

Tekken’s first foray onto PSP packs the full console experience into palm-sized form. All 41 combatants like Kazuya, King, and Jin from Tekken 6’s epic roster make the jump. The fighter plays smoothly with tight movement and controls. Graphics also resemble the PS3 version while running at 60fps. If you’re jonesing for Tekken on Android, this PSP brawler should satisfy your combo cravings even today thanks to fluid gameplay.

Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai

This PS2-era Dragon Ball Z fighter adapts its action to PSP very successfully. Super-powered anime fisticuffs fill the screen as favorites like Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks pummel opponents. Combos feel impactful thanks to teleporting “air dashes” adding mobility. Dramatic Hyper Moves dazzle with devastating nuclear beams and spiritual energy waves. Outside of sprites, no other DBZ game replicates the look of the anime better than Shin Budokai, making it a mobile treat for fans.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes

The Ultimate Ninja Heroes PSP games cram the over-the-top ninja battles of the Naruto anime onto handheld. This first entry has a basic roster but makes up for it with iconic locales and frantic head-to-head skirmishes. Pull off Substitution Jutsu to dodge and return strikes. Engage Awakening Mode to unlock powerful techniques based on the show. While later entries built on the formula, the strong foundation was set with this inaugural Naruto fighter.

The King of Fighters ’97

This faithful handheld port brings SNK’s beloved 1997 King of Fighters entry into your pocket. The fluid animations and fighting mechanics still shine today. Engage multi-character combos by quickly swapping between team members in real-time. Drive opponents into the corner with aggressive offense. Then punish mistakes by expertly evading and counterattacking. For replicating that arcade 3-on-3 fighting spirit anywhere, The King of Fighters ’97 on PSP can’t be topped.

Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower 

Capcom’s horror/comedy fighting franchise blended monster movie homages with slick 2D brawling. This compilation packs the full arcade releases of Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3, plus enhancements. Distinctly sinister yet charismatic characters give the roster personality. The anime-inspired visuals and supernatural abilities still look slick. This fighting fright fest will give you a marvelous mobile monster mash.

Guilty Gear Judgment

The cult favorite anime fighter Guilty Gear first cut its teeth on PSP with Judgment. Stylish characters like Sol Badguy wield gigantic swords and axes while dishing out dazzling combos. Hard Rock music accompanies your button-mashing battles. Blazingly fast combat, bursting metal riffs, and eccentric fighters with supernatural powers make Judgment an electrifying fighting frenzy worth revisiting on Android.

Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Vol. 2

SNK’s classic Fatal Fury fighters like Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui brawled it out gorgeously on PSP in this compilation. The one-on-one fighting formula still feels responsive. And seeing retro SNK sprites upgraded for widescreen is slick. While it omits some series favorites, offering both Fatal Fury Special and Fatal Fury 3 in a portable package lets you experience the series’ best everywhere you go.

Mortal Kombat Unchained

Finish handheld opponents in gruesome detail with Mortal Kombat Unchained. This features the violent combat and trademark Fatalities the franchise is known for fully intact. Brutal fights between Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang and others look great on PSP. Additional minigames and puzzle modes provide some variety too. While not the best entry, for classic Mortal Kombat action untethered, Unchained satisfies those savage fighting cravings.

That wraps up our ranking of the top PSP fighting games now playable on Android! These portable punch-outs still pack a wallop thanks to tight controls and impressive visuals. Bring your own personal fight club anywhere you go. Just be cautious of button mashing too aggressively in public! Let me know your favorite PSP fighting experience in the comments below.

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