The Enchanting World of Pakistani Designers

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Summer season is here and everyone is looking to shop for the best and most fashionable summer dresses. To stay on top of the fashion game,  follow some popular Pakistani fashion designers. Get beautiful Eastern fashion attire and understand the cultural norms as well. Each country or region has its own type of fashion style and represents the whole culture. Pakistani fashion designers are one of the top trendsetters in the Eastern fashion industry. They have a unique style and work with lawn collections, embroidered trouser shirts, and hand-embellished wedding wear collections.   Each Pakistani fashion designer has a distinct process for creating their work. The first thing that springs to mind when people think of Pakistani culture is the impeccable dresses and how so many different styles that blend together. In this blog, we will discuss top suits Pakistani designers but before that let’s look into the fashion trends in the Pakistani fashion industry.


Pakistani Fashion History

As the name suggests, Pakistani fashion is a style of clothes that originated in Pakistan, but, the traditional clothing styles go way back to the  Mughal Empire era and have evolved throughout the years. After 1947, the introduction of Islamic law made women wear only wear garments that are modest. Women usually opted for shalwar kameez which over the years has evolved so much that it turned into a fashion statement. Now Pakistani 3-piece lawn dresses with beautiful embroidery have become the talk of the town. Kameez. Along with modesty, these dresses ensure modest dressing as well, and this is why it is popular among many women.

Latest Fashion Trends in Pakistan

In Pakistani fashion, traditional and modern designs are combined to make the latest fashion statement. It features vivid colors, elaborate embroidery, straight pants, bell sleeves, and cape dresses.  For Pakistani women, these trends provide many ways to experiment and express their unique sense of style. Pakistani dresses are made with embroidery including gold and silver threadwork, intricated with sequins, and paired with vivid colors. Now the modern style of dressing including pantsuits, long dresses, Kurtis, jackets, etc is blended with traditional handwork embroidery style to give it a unique and trendy look.

Summer Attires and Pakistani Designers Dresses

Summers are at their peak in Pakistan which means summer shopping is also in full swing. Some people tend to shop at the start of the season to avoid the hassle of going out in scorching hot weather but most people who are fashion lovers wait for the latest collections by the top designers. If you are one of those who have yet to buy their favorite outfit of the season, you can look into these designers.

Sana Safinaz

Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer have been ruling the Pakistani fashion industry for the past thirty years. This is particularly an achievement in a country like Pakistan where men dominate every industry. Both of them have established a fashion trends-changing brand that has become the most in-demand brand in the country. They create new, fashionable, and stylish designs each year. Their line of clothes includes both sewn and unstitched items, as well as formal and informal dresses. They have become a strong competitor for others in the market. Their collection includes patterned shawls and a DIY collection, giving women a variety of colors and prints to choose from. Their fashion line has been a huge success in Pakistan

Hussain Rehar

Husaain Rehar has a unique style sense that has enabled him to build a very successful career in the Pakistani fashion industry. His designs contain special and detailed styling which is also a secret to his success. After graduating from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Designing, he started his brand label in 2017. His brand has a strong identity and is famous for its creativity. Rehar is also famous for taking bold steps in his designs and launching unique styles to create hype in the market. He combines his skills with high fashion sensibility, offering a wide range of fashion options for everyone. Be it his glamorous prints or red-carpet-worthy designs, Rehar got you for all occasions. In two years, he has launched over 10 collections, including resort wear, formal and semi-formals, and two bridal collections. His vision is to empower women in Pakistan through his bold and modern designs that reflect the country’s traditional aspects.


Maria. B is the “Coco Chanel” of Pakistan according to a fashion magazine, and we can all see why. Ever since she stepped into the fashion industry, her innovative designs have transformed the game. She is a force to be reckoned with, with her constant work toward improvement, change, and originality. Maria. B is dedicated to offering the very best experience to her customers and she is also considered the brightest star in the fashion industry. With her fashion designs, she has expressed herself and filled the gaps between the cultures.


Pakistani fashion designers are making a significant impact in the fashion industry. They have their unique and innovative designs which are very popular. Pakistani designers blend traditional and modern elements of Fashion. They create vibrant and stylish dresses that reflect the rich culture of Pakistan. Sana Safinaz, Hussain Rehar, and Maria. B are a few of the talented designers who have made a mark in the industry with their exceptional work. These designers cater to everyone’s taste with embroidered lawn collections and glamour designs. As summer arrives, fashionistas await the latest collections. These latest trends inspire fashion lovers across the country. These designers are the stars of the Pakistani fashion industry with their vision to empower women through fashion.


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