How FSSAI is beneficial for food business

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Des- If you are running food business then fssai registration is most necessary to grow your

business. Learn more how fssai is beneficial for food business.


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a license which

indicates the maintenance and overseeing the quality of food produced by India’s

Food industry. Every Food business operator (FBO) has to follow these rules and

regulations of FSSAI. In order to cover any type of food business, firstly you have

to achieve a food license by following the FSSAI Requirements for food products.


What are the Types of FSSAI License?

There are three types of FSSAI License which differ in terms of the scope and

volume of the food businesses activity.

FSSAI Basic Registration

This Basic Food License Registration form is for those food industry operators

who are small scale food manufacturers, transporters, retailers etc. simply, it is


for those businesses who have an annual turnover of ₹12 lakhs or less. If your

turnover goes above 12 lakhs then you have to update your FSSAI Basic

Registration to FSSAI State License.

FSSAI State License

The FSSAI State License is for those food industry business operators who are

small to medium sized food manufacturers, storage facilities, marketers, and

distributors etc, all those who have an annual turnover between 12 lakhs to 20

crores are eligible to get FSSAI State License. If your turnover goes above 20

crores, then you have to upgrade your FSSAI food license to FSSAI Central


FSSAI Central License

The FSSAI Central License is for The Large-Scale Food manufacturers,

transporters, marketers, distributors, etc and other food company operators

having turnover of more than 20 crores are eligible to get FSSAI Central License.

Importance of FSSAI Registration

It is very important to fulfill the requisite compliances and standards before

starting any food business, and Registering FSSAI License is one of them. By

getting a food license, you will get permission to sell the goods legally and get

the advantages that cannot be obtained by those who do not have any FSSAI.

The functioning of FSSAI is handled by the Food Safety and Standards Authority

of India. The food business is very soft, and before a person starts the food

business, that person must take all the safety precautions and assure that the

products which are used in the food making are not harmful for the consumers.

Trashy, strict rules and guidelines are issued to ensure complete food safety. The

most important thing of the FSSAI License is that it gives assurance that the food

is verified substantially and it will not give any harm to the consumers. Nowadays

the food business is becoming unsafe because of many allegations of food

diseases and the usage of cheap- priced ingredients. By getting an FSSAI

registration online it secures your food from such allegations because the FSSAI


acts as the proof that your food does not contain any harmful ingredients and it

is safe and perfectly hygienic without any health consequences.


Benefits of Getting an FSSAI Registration

By getting an FSSAI license for your food business, let’s know how it benefits

your business among the customers, here i am mentioning how it gives benefits

to you:

  1. It Creates awareness in public.
  2. It builds goodwill and confidence among the customers.
  3. Facilitates food safety and certifies the quality of food processing


  1. For maintaining security The research and development sector is


  1. The new recommendations of FSSAI are in line with the international

organization which helps in increasing the food safety level.

  1. FSSAI undertakes evidence proof studies for drafting registration policies.
  2. This business provides a huge opportunity for expansion.


How FSSAI Gives benefits in your Food Business

Adhering to the FSSAI guidelines not only helps in getting the food license, but

also helps in the profitability and credibility of the food business.

Avoid legal consequences

Most of the FBOs thought that getting a FSSAI License to be an expensive, time

consuming and tedious documentation process and hence prefer to ignore it. On

the other hand, this process should not be avoided at any cost. If a food business


operator runs his business without obtaining the correct FSSAI License, He may

be punished with imprisonment and may also have to pay a fine of up to ₹5

lakhs. Legaltax can help you get the license as soon as possible.

Build goodwill and ensure credibility

There is no doubt that it is really difficult to market new eateries or food

businesses or get people to trust them in the early stages of operations. Every

new food business is prone to food adulteration, use of cheap and dangerous

products, toxic chemicals, Unhygienic methods of preparation, etc.

A food license protects your restaurant from such allegations and helps remove

any doubts regarding the safety of your food products. Once you have got the

food license, you can creatively use the FSSAI logo in your menu to promote the

better quality of your food as compared to others. A food license certifies that

your product is safe for you and has no negative health effects, but it also helps

market your FBO’s credibility and helps build lasting customer loyalty.

Develop food business and protect the quality of food products.

Food licenses will be available only after verification. This validation is

comprehensive and demands standardization and the highest quality of output.

Inspection is done at all levels and every ingredient used in the production of the

food product is examined. Other than this, Verification can reveal defects in your

food product that can be corrected to increase the safety and quality of the

product. As a result, you can be sure that the processing of your food is of the

highest quality,

Make expansion seamless for food business

If you currently have a well-known restaurant or food outlet and want to replicate

its success in another part of the country or in the same state, you need a food

license to help you achieve this feat.

FSSAI logo can also be used as a part of your marketing strategy to capture

larger market share in new business locations. A logo can help build trust in your


services and portray your goodwill. New customers will be more likely to buy

from your FBO once they see the FSSAI accreditation attached to your business

operations. A food license is also extremely useful in assisting restaurant

operators like yourself in obtaining bank loans and additional financing for the

purpose of expansion.

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