Ways to Set Effective Safety Goals With Digital Learning

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In the past two years, the entire world has witnessed two things. One is the importance of health and safety. And two, the surprisingly positive impact of digital learning. There is no doubt that more and more organisations are leaning towards creating a health and safety culture for their employees. And they do so by introducing online safety courses. Besides, why not? As compared to conventional learning for employees, e-learning requires 40%-60% lesser time. You will be surprised to know that approximately 70% of organisations provide mobile e-learning to their employees.

These statistics support the practice of Online Safety Training. Digital learning has undeniable benefits that tackle the limitations of conventional learning. Let’s look at some limitations of conventional learning and explore how digital learning tackles them. 

Limitations of Conventional Learning

  • Time Constraints: This is by far the greatest limitation of conventional learning. Conventional learning requires you to block everyone’s calendar for the same number of hours. Plus, all the learning must take in those dedicated hours. This type of learning neglects the individuality of learning speeds and attention span and puts a temporary halt on the company activities. Safety Training Courses Online, in contrast, are more flexible and convenient. Each employee can learn at their own pace. Furthermore, you do not need to block everyone’s calendar or temporary halt the activities. 
  • Infrastructural Limitations: To gather everyone in a single place, you will need a room big enough to fit everyone comfortably. In some situations, you may also need to rent a space if your company does not have the necessary requirements. Online Safety Courses require no such needs. All it needs is a device that has access to the internet. 
  • Restrictions on Revisions: Conventional learning takes place under a fixed set of hours, and each lecture has an objective. The lecturer or the instructor must complete a given set of topics. But what if an individual does not understand a concept? How many times can the instructor go back and explain, considering it will be time-consuming? Not too many times for sure. Luckily, you can go back and rewind Safety Training Courses online as many times as you want.

Set Effective Safety Goals With Digital Learning

Now that you know the benefits of online safety training, let’s see how you can set effective safety goals by leveraging digital learning… 

  • Keep them short and topic-specific: One of the best ways to use online safety training is by keeping them short and specific. Cover a single goal with a single video. Avoid overlapping topics to avoid information overload. 
  • Update Your Courses Every Now and Then: Online Safety Courses that are not updated with the latest information will do more harm than good. To make them relevant, you must keep revising the course. 
  • Organise Discussions: Set a deadline before which everyone will have to complete their online safety courses. Once the deadline approaches, you can schedule a time and place for discussions. You can discuss the relevancy of the course, real-life implementation of concepts, and practicality of the practices. This should take comparatively lesser time than a conventional course.
  • Collect Feedback: Did your employees actually learn from the courses? Did they find them interesting? Do they want to continue learning the same way? These are just some questions you can incorporate into your feedback form. This will help you measure the acceptance of such online safety courses. You may also add a question eliciting suggestions for improvements.

Partner With the British Safety Council India 

The British Safety Council India has several Safety Training Courses Online covering various aspects like mental health, fire hazards, and resilience. These courses are popular amongst organisations for many reasons. Following are some of them:

  • Easy to grasp 
  • Well-structured 
  • Suitable for even those with a hectic schedule 
  • Comprehensive and targeted 
  • Accessible from any place at any time
  • Tutor support 

The British Safety Council India is a leader in occupational safety and health. Besides offering courses, they also provide safety audits which can help identify and mitigate risks in the workplace. They stay true to their tagline – No one should be injured or made ill through their work. Undoubtedly, there is no better safety partner than the British Safety Council India for you!

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