What Is The Right Toothbrush And How To Choose It?

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Choosing a suitable toothbrush is essential to be able to have good oral hygiene. Otherwise, we could have serious health problems such as the development of cavities and other infections, in addition to being able to lose some teeth or suffer certain uncomfortable problems such as halitosis or bad breath.


Today we can find it difficult to choose a toothbrush for the number of options we have available in the market.  Therefore, next, we want to help you know what the right toothbrush is and how to choose it.


The right toothbrush:


To know which the right brush is, it is best to visit a dentist. He will know our needs and recommend the best option. However, we can also make a decision.


In any case, the most important thing is to opt for a toothbrush that fits the size of our mouth. It is also important to know if we have any condition. If so, we will have to be more specific.


On the other hand, there are currently several options on the market. For example, brushes that incorporate cheek and tongue cleaners or electric brushes. If we want to buy an electric brush, we recommend that you buy brands to choose the one that best suits our needs. These types of brushes are a great help for people who, for some reason, have trouble brushing themselves.


Types of toothbrush:


As we know, the toothbrush is an oral hygiene instrument that helps us clean our mouths. They are usually straight with a brush head composed of perpendicular bristles, which helps clean hard-to-reach areas. A good oral cleaning is necessary brushing the teeth with toothpaste plus mouthwash and dental floss. On the other hand, we can find several types of toothbrushes:


Electric: This brush provides you the different advanced features like M-Care electric toothbrush if we talk about this brush then it is Multi-functional comes with the travel case, the charging base is part of the travel case, the other feature is a USB charging and T-type brushing handle, this electric brush is FDA certification, safe and reliable


Hard: the bristles are stronger and more rigid. They are recommended for healthy and well-maintained mouths since they are not so sensitive. We recommend not exerting a lot of pressure on brushing because you can damage the soft parts, such as the gum, and the enamel.


Medium: it is usually recommended for people with good oral health but who cannot stand the pressure of the hardest sows.


Soft: brushes with softer bristles. Produce less friction


How to choose a toothbrush:


To choose the best toothbrush, in addition to that it fits our mouth and needs, we can also take into account some other features that are important. In this way, we will get better results when we clean our teeth.


Aspects to consider when choosing a toothbrush:


  • Most specialists suggest that it is best to choose a medium-textured toothbrush. That is a brush whose bristles are not hard or very soft. In this way, we will protect our teeth, especially their enamel. However, if you like hard or soft ones, there is no problem in choosing them. It is more a matter of taste.


  • We recommend choosing a small or medium-sized toothbrush; avoid the big ones. The reason why we give you this advice is that, obviously, with a small head brush we will have the possibility to better clean every corner of our mouth and teeth, reaching areas that we could not otherwise.


  • As for the handle, the best is a toothbrush that is non-slip. This will ensure better control. On the other hand, flexible brushes are also good, since in this way we will be able to clean each corner of our mouth better.


  • The bristles of the brush we choose may have different characteristics. That is, they can be wavy, straight, slightly curved, etc. We can say this with the help of our dentist. Also, there is no problem if we decide on a brush that has a cheek and tongue cleaner.


  • We must change or replace our toothbrush when it has worn or damaged bristles. If they are well, it would be best to do it every three months. This way you can prevent the accumulation of germs.

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